Control of water and soil pollution

In the present conditions, Shrimp also need healthy water as human being needs. We keep using many kinds of chemicals, because of these chemicals, the quality of water and soil is getting lost and the shrimps get effected by diseases and the farmer get loses. The shrimp should grow healthy, which means the good quality of water needed for them. And the water should be treated time to time. Doing this the shrimp will grow very healthy. This is possible with our Natural drop. Use Swantouch natural drop to save water and soil.

Use Swantouch natural drop

Protect your ponds

Soil is typically 50% organic matter (45% minerals, 5% organic matter). 50% of the voids (composed of pores. Half of these pores are occupied by water and the other half by gases. The percentage of minerals and organic matter remains constant for short periods of time. But the percentage of water and gases varies greatly. If one increases, the second decreases by the same amount. Through the space, air and water flow which are vital for the life in the soil. Due to the pressure, tightness and lack of spaces, which s a common problem in the soil, this space is reduced and the flow of these is obstructed.Soils with sufficient time develop a soil profile consisting of two or more layers. These layers have different properties like texture, composition, density, acidity, stability, temperature, color, reactivity. There is a wide gap between these layers. Generally there are no clear boundaries between these. These boundaries are formed depending on the types of substances in the soil, the processes that change them, and the factors that influence those processes. Biological effects on soil properties are strongest near the surface. Our Natural drop loosens the pores in the soil to increase soil fertility.It will maintain sufficient temperature. It will Changes the water colour into golden green.

  1. Using Natural drop, It stabilizes water and soil pH. This results in better feed intake of the shrimp and also reduced mortality.
  2. Using Natural drop, It converts the sludge into useful nutrients. Natural drop is a water and soil probiotic.
  3. Using Natural drop Decomposes waste and chemicals in the bottom and cleans the bottom.
  4. Using Natural drop prevents ammonia and H2S gases in the pond.
  5. Using Natural drop will increase the DO at night time in the pond. This makes the shrimp very active
  6. Using Natural drop, Zooplankton and phytoplankton will develop. This will saves 25% to 30% feed consumption and also maintains FCR. Increases immunity levels.
  7. Use of Natural drop prevents mortality.
  8. It will maintain golden green color and also it prevents microsystis
  9. Natural drop acts as an energy booster which keeps the shrimp health.
  10. Natural drop improves the quality of water. It maintains soil fertility. It balances NPK parameters.