In the present situation, fishes also need healthy water as much as human beings need it. We keep using many kinds of chemicals because of these chemicals, the quality of water and soil is getting lost and the fishes get affected by diseases and the farmer get loses. The fish should grow healthy, which means that good quality of water is needed for them. And the water should be treated time to time. Doing this the fish will be very healthy. The farmers will see the importance of water and soil by using Swantouch Natural Drop.


Soil is generally 50% solids (45% minerals, 5% organic matter) and 50% voids (composed of pores). Half of these pores are occupied by water and the other half by gases. The percentage of minerals and organic matter is stable in the short term. The percentage of water and gases varies greatly. If one increases, the second decreases by the same amount. Through the space in these micro-pores, air and water, which are vital to life in the soil, flow. Due to compaction, a common problem in soil, these voids are reduced and flow is impeded. As a result, the organisms in the soil will not get air and water properly. Given enough time, soils form a soil profile consisting of two or more layers, these layers varying in properties such as texture, composition, density, porosity, stability, temperature, color, and reactivity. There is a wide gap in the thickness of these layers. Generally there are no clear boundaries between these. These boundaries are formed depending on the types: of materials in the soil, the processes that change them, and the factors that influence those processes. Biological effects on soil properties are strongest near the surface. Our Natural Drop loosens the pores in the soil to increase fertility during the month. will maintain sufficient temperature. And also It will changes the water colour.

  1. Natural drop balances water PH.
  2. Natural drop life converting sludge into useful nutrients.
  3. Natural drop protects pond from Ammonia and H2S gases.
  4. Natural drop develops more zooplankton and phytoplankton. Reduces
    30 to 40% of feed consumption.
  5. Natural drop maintains excellent DO levels.
  6. Natural drop repairs pond bottom. It will remove all toxicity from the bottom.
  7. Natural drop prevents skin problems and internal organ damage.
  8. Natural drop maintains good water quality, It will not allow to develop other species.
  9. Natural drop will improve the Immunity levels of fish.
  10. Natural drop is a water and soil probiotic.

Natural Drop Highlight

Ans: In the present situation, farmers are facing bottom and gasses problems in the fish pond. So first make it two parts of the pond. For the first part, take the required life and add 20 kg of rock salt per acre broadcast to the 50 percent pond. When we apply, Gases are releasing from the bottom of our pond. Once gases are stopped, Again apply for the remaining 50 percent.
Note: No need to use zeolite and yucca. These products binds the gases and will not expel the gases from the pond. Application Timings: 7 am to 9 am.
Dose: First application should be 5 liters per acre, second application should be 2 litres per acre every week.
Note: Once gases and bottom problem are cleared. Then, Natural drop should be applied with ground nut cake. Naturally we soak the ground nut cake with 250 grams of yeast and 4 kg’s jaggery and 1 litre Natural drop ferment it for 12 to 24 hours and sprinkle the entire pond. Note: Natural drop should be applied to the half of the pond. This is because of ammonia gasses are formed regularly in the fish tank, which causes the fish to come surface for DO. Therefore, when we apply half of the pond, the fishes are going to the other side of the pond.

Ans: DAP and super often using in fish ponds. After starting the Natural drop application, no need of using D.A.P and super fertilizers. Natural drop repairs our soil. There is no need to apply any fertilizers to water and soil.

Ans: Most of the farmers are facing lice problems in the running culture. Major question is How to control lice?. At present, Most of the farmers are doing zero point size. Farmers are need to check while getting the seed from the farms. Before going to take the seed we need to check whether the fish is effected SP with lice in the pond where the seed is taken. What to do if you have lice? Before releasing seed in our pond, keep the fish in PP (5 grams per liter of water) water for five to ten seconds. The lice leave the fish due to this chemical. After that the grass should be cut before applying iodine 2%. Then spray the corners of the pond with neem oil and also apply this neem oil to boats and grazing sticks. Feed bags should be changed at the time of any lice application. When we give any treatment for lice, lice will leave the fish to lay their eggs to check the suitable places for laying the eggs. Since we have taken every precaution to avoid laying eggs, the lice will die without laying egg. The main reason for growing such bacteria is due to lack of water quality, if the water quality is good Any pathogenic bacteria will not be survive in our pond. This is possible with our Natural drop. Regular usage of Natural drop will improves water quality.

Ans: In some cases, fishes do not eat zooplankton As fishes are habitat to artificial food. When the farmers noticed it, the feed should be reduced by 30 to 40 percent then the fish will get used to it.

Ans: Natural drop should be applied before 7 to 8 am as much as possible during rainy and winter seasons. Do it only when it is sunny. If it is cloudy then application should be done with rock salt.

Ans: Zeolite and yucca only binds the gases and do not release gases from the pond. As far as zeolite power goes, again the we will get the same ammonia and H2S gasses complaint. Natural drop releases gases from the bottom. After application you will see the bubbles coming out from the bottom.

Ans: When there is more gasses present in the pond and more organic waste and poor quality of water which leads to D.O complaints. The use of Natural drop improves the quality of the water by removing harmful gases and decomposing the waste in the bottom.

Ans: If there is a fan set available in the pond then the first application could be done with rock salt with 5 liters per acre. No need to split the pond if the pond is having aerators. 4 to 5 liters will be given every week till harvest
Note: ground nut cake 10 to 20 kg per acre Yeast: 1 kg. Soak the ground nut cake for 24 hours and mix Natural drop and the apply to the pond. If there are no fan sets, divide the pond into two parts and apply Swantouch with rock salt. Do not add water. Mix only Natural drop. Please note..

Ans: Natural drop converts sludge into useful nutrients. Natural drop improves the water quality. When the water quality is not good, we will face so many problems.

Important Points:

Fish growth is very less in winter season when compared to other seasons. Fish takes less food in winter. Food is getting waste in winter seasons.Ammonia waste food. Hence, Farmers should take proper precautions in winter season. SP In winter season, ammonia increases and fishes come to the surface for oxygen. If you apply Natural drop regularly with rock salt most of the problems are getting resolved. Natural drop ensures that water temperature is not too high during the summer season. Natural drop boosts immunity in fish. Diseases that occur mainly in fish ponds are:

  • Surface swimming
  • Improper swimming.
  • Dropsy
  • Do not eating sufficient feed
  • Changes in fish colour.
  • Appearance sores on the body.
  • Mucus is high and low.
  • Gill problems.
  • Lice and bacterial infections,
  • Red Disease

The main reason for Dropsy is:The main cause of this disease is Aeromonas bacteria and improper nutrition and not giving food in time. And also liver problems will come when we are not giving feed in time(a) When dropsy occurs, Need to consult aqua doctor and take appropriate treatment. When you start any treatment food need to be reduce. It will take at least 7 to 10 days to recover the fish. Improper swimming of fish: We often see fish is not swimming properly. A major cause of swim bladder problems is overfeeding. Because of this we often see these problems. And gill problems are also the cause of this problem.

(A). Need to consultant Aqua Doctor for this disease and take appropriate action. Feed should be reduced during such time. The main reason for this is poor water quality. In winter, fish naturally come to the surface. The main reason for this is due to presence of parasites in the gills. Natural drop with rock salt should be mixed and applied to the pond in two batches to reduce gases. Any sanitizer or pathogen killing product should be applied to kill bacteria in the gills. After the chemical application we need to apply Natural drop to relief the stress. The main cause of red disease is:Bacterial load is a major cause of scaly build-up of fluids in the fish which expands the fish skin. Probiotics should be used at least once a month to reduce the bacterial load. The quality of water should be improved. Use of fertilizers should be reduced. Natural drop should be applied regularly every week.. 2 liters per acre. Need to approach Aqua doctor and give appropriate medicine to reduce fluids.