Swantouch brings a touch of nature to your pond wellness with our innovative Natural Drop solution. Our commitment to preserving the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems is evident in this environmentally friendly approach. Natural Drop is a bio-augmentation product designed to enhance water quality and maintain a thriving pond environment. This carefully formulated blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes works harmoniously to break down organic matter, reducing unwanted nutrient buildup and promoting crystal-clear water. By harnessing the power of nature, Swantouch’s Natural Drop supports the health of your pond’s inhabitants while minimizing the need for chemical interventions. Whether you have a backyard pond or a larger aquatic habitat, Natural Drop is your sustainable solution for a picturesque, low-maintenance pond that mirrors the beauty and serenity of the natural world. Trust Swantouch to help you achieve the perfect balance for your pond’s wellness, where nature thrives, and you can relax and enjoy its beauty.

Soil and Water Probiotics for Shrimp and Fish Farming Reduces Ammonia and nitrate Develop Zooplankton and eliminates Sludge completely It is a Probiotic formulated and designed to maintain a healthy environment in Aqua Culture. The use of probiotics in aquaculture has been steadily gaining traction as a sustainable and efficient way to maintain optimal water quality and enhance the overall health and growth of cultured organisms, such as shrimp and fish. Here’s how soil and water probiotics can play a role in the mentioned aquaculture applications:

Reduction of Ammonia and Nitrate:

  • Fish and shrimp excrete ammonia as a metabolic waste product.
  • Ammonia is toxic to fish and shrimp even at low concentrations.
  • Probiotics consist of beneficial bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrite and then to nitrate (nitrification). Some strains can further convert nitrate to nitrogen gas (denitrification), which is harmless and escapes into the atmosphere.

Development of Zooplankton:

  • Certain probiotic strains can enhance the growth of phytoplankton, which are tiny photosynthetic organisms.
  • Phytoplankton serve as the primary food source for zooplankton, which are small floating animals.
  • Zooplankton, in turn, can serve as a natural food source for shrimp and certain species of fish, promoting growth and better health.

Elimination of Sludge:

  • Sludge or sediment in aquaculture ponds is primarily organic waste material. Over time, this accumulation can become anaerobic (devoid of oxygen), leading to the production of toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide.
  • Certain probiotic strains can break down organic waste, thereby reducing the buildup of sludge.
  • By decomposing the organic matter more efficiently, these beneficial microbes can prevent the bottom of ponds or tanks from becoming anaerobic and harmful.

Other Benefits:

  • Enhanced immunity: Probiotics can stimulate the immune systems of fish and shrimp, making them more resistant to diseases.
  • Improved feed conversion: With better water quality and reduced stress, cultured species may utilize feed more efficiently, leading to faster growth rates.
  • Reduction in the use of chemicals: By maintaining optimal water quality naturally, there’s less need for chemicals to treat water or combat diseases.

In conclusion, the incorporation of probiotics into aquaculture systems offers an environmentally-friendly and sustainable approach to improving water quality, enhancing the health of cultured species, and potentially increasing production yields. As with all farming practices, it’s essential to adopt an integrated approach, combining probiotics with other best practices for optimal results.